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Trident ACC201 module 3 case and SLP (Summer 2014)




Question;Module 3 - CaseINCOME STATEMENTCase AssignmentThere are two main parts to this Case that requires you to prepare and submit a 3- to 5-page paper. Please make sure this paper is well organized and covers all of the items below.Part IWhy is revenue recognition a significant issue? How do we determine when revenues are recorded for accounting purposes?Explain the difference between a product and period expense.Discuss the matching concept as it relates to accounting for revenues and inventory.Part IIRefer to the latest annual financial statements for the two following companies: Apple: Samsung: Generally, this information is found in the Investor Relations area of the website.Clearly identify the companies, the time period, and include the link to the financial statements you are analyzing in your report.What accounting conventions do the two companies follow, US GAAP or IFRS?Locate the income statement for the past two years for both companies. Prepare a table comparing five items or more from each statement.Comment on the changes from one year to another. Is the company doing better or worse? Did revenues and expenses increase or decrease?Is it easy to discern trends or compare the information from year to year and between the two companies? Please, comments on both aspects and show some examples.Assignment ExpectationsThe submission should be 3 to 5 pages and need to include answers to all the questions listed above. Show computations, discuss the results and include references in APA format.Module 3 - SLPINCOME STATEMENTWe are using the same company as in the second module. However, you need to consider some additional information.One client had indicated that they were interested in purchasing $42,500 worth of products, so the bookkeeper recorded the transaction. However, the client has not actually committed to the purchase.The bookkeeper already corrected the sales account. However, the bookkeeper may have made a mistake when computing cost of goods sold. She included total production costs for 2012 and did not adjust ending inventory for the $42,500 worth of units left at the end of the year. The amount of ending inventory was determined using a physical count.Nybrostrand Company31-Dec-12Trial Balance (accounts in alphabetical order)DebitCreditAccounts payable78,000Accounts receivable36,500Cash30,000Common stock10,000Depreciation expense24,350Cost of goods sold307,000Equipment (net of depreciation)415,000Insurance1,400Inventory34,000Long-term debt127,000Marketing4,500Paid-in capital50,000Property taxes16,900Rent28,000Retained earnings?Revenues586,000Salaries78,500Utilities6,700Total982,850851,000SLP Assignment ExpectationsPrepare an income statement for the company in good format. Always include the name of the company and the period covered in the title. Don't forget dollar signs where appropriate. You do not need to include the balance sheet. Consequently, you will not need all the accounts listed above. How does the income or loss compare to the original income statement? Explain the importance of the matching concept.The submission should be 2 to 4 pages and need to include answers to all the questions listed above. Show computations, discuss the results and include references in APA format.


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