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ACC Exercise 20-14 (Algorithmic)




Question;Exercise 20-14 (Algorithmic)Cost per Equivalent UnitThe following information concerns production in the Forging Department for September. All direct materials are placed into the process at the beginning of production, and conversion costs are incurred evenly throughout the process. The beginning inventory consists of $42,840 of direct materials.ACCOUNT Work in Process?Forging Department ACCOUNT NO.Date Item Debit Credit BalanceDebit CreditSept. 1 Bal., 3,600 units, 50% completed 46,980 30 Direct materials, 33,000 units 379,500 426,480 30 Direct labor 34,200 460,680 30 Factory overhead 47,232 ? 507,912 30 Goods finished,? units ? 30 Bal., 2,900 units, 70% completed ? a. Determine the number of units transferred to the next department.unitsb. Determine the costs per equivalent unit of direct materials and conversion. If required, round your answer to two decimal places.Cost of equivalent unit of direct materials: $Cost of equivalent unit of conversion: $c. Determine the cost of units started and completed in September.


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