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Question;Week 8 Quiz 6 ACC 403;Question 1;is not a risk specific;to the IT environments.;Question 2;The approach to auditing where;the auditor does not test automated controls to reduce assessed control risk is;called;Question 3;When the client changes the;computer software;Question 4;Which of the following;computer-assisted auditing techniques inserts an audit module in the client's;application system to identify specific types of transactions?;Question 5;The auditor's objective in;determining whether the client's automated controls can correctly handle valid;and invalid transactions as they arise is accomplished through the;Question 6;Output controls need to be;designed for which of the following data integrity objectives?;Question 7;Which of the following is a;component of general controls?;Question 8;Controls which are built in by;the manufacturer to detect equipment failure are called;Question 9;Controls that are designed for;each software application and are intended to help a company satisfy the;transaction-related audit objectives are;Question 10;In an IT system, automated;equipment controls or hardware controls are designed to;Question 11;General controls may include;firewalls which are used to protect from;Question 12;One of;the unique risks of protecting hardware and data is;Question 13;Security controls should require;that users enter a(n) ________ before being allowed access to software and;other related data files.;Question 14;The most important output control;is;Question 15;Controls which are designed to;assure that the information processed by the computer is authorized, complete;and accurate are called;Question 16;When the auditor has completed;the tests of details of balances and enters phase 4 of the audit process, she;must still perform audit procedures for which of the following?;Question 17;Analytical procedures;Question 18;Risk assessment procedures are;performed by auditors during an audit in order to;Question 19;In order to promote audit;efficiency the auditor considers cost in selecting audit tests to perform.;Which of the following audit tests would be the most costly?;Question 20;The reliance the auditor places;on substantive tests in relation to the reliance placed on internal control;varies in a relationship that is ordinarily;Question 21;Collectively, procedures;performed to obtain an understanding of the entity and its environment;including internal controls, represent the auditor's;Question 22;A system walkthrough is primarily;used to help the auditor;Question 23;In the context of an audit of;financial statements, substantive tests are audit procedures that;Question 24;The auditor would design which of;the following audit tests to detect possible monetary errors in the financial;statements?;Question 25;Presentation and disclosure;related audit objectives would be performed in which phase of the audit;process?;Question 26;You are auditing Rodgers and;Company. After performing substantive analytical procedures you conclude that;for the accounts tested, the client's balance appears reasonable. This may;indicate that;Question 27;Which of the following further;audit procedures are used to determine whether all six transaction-related;audit objectives have been achieved for each class of transactions?;Question 28;Analytical procedures must be;performed in;Question 29;The primary emphasis in most;tests of details of balances is on the;Question 30;Management implements internal;controls to ensure that all required footnote disclosures are accurate.;Auditors tests those controls to provide evidence supporting the;presentation.


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