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Question;ACCT 301 Week 5Problem 1Required: Identify each of the following as either a direct or indirect cost. (20 points)Direct or Indirect?Material used in productionSalary of manufacturing supervisorWages of manufacturing workerTelephone costsRentProblem 2Required: GH Company is trying to decide whether to replace a current piece of machinery with a new machine. Using the below data, determine the relevant costs of the old machine and the new machine. Should GH Company purchase the new machine? (30 points)Old Machine New machineOriginal cost 100,000Accumulated depreciation (50,000)Book value 50,000Market value (now) 25,000 30,000Salvage value (in 5 years) 5,000 8,000Annual depreciation expense 11,000Operating expensesPer year 9,000 4,500Times number of years 4 4Total operating expenses 36,000 18,000ACCT 301 Week 6 Homework ProblemsProblem 1Required: In the space below, describe the advantages of budgeting. (10 points)Problem 2"Required: Compute the ROI for each division below to two decimal places. (30 points)Which division has the best performance? (10 points)"(40 points total)Division A Division B Division COperating income 245,000 125,000 350,000Operating assets 1,200,000 775,000 1,500,000ACCT 301 Week 7 Homework ProblemsProblem 1Required: In the space below, describe the net present value method of capital budgeting. (10 points)Problem 2"Required: Compute the average annual cash inflows. (20 points)Compute the payback period using the accumulation method. (20 points)"(40 points total)2013 2014 2015 2016 2017Incremental revenue 6,000 2,000 4,000 2,000 1,000Cost of new machine 12,000Compute the average annual cash inflows


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