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Need in excel spreadsheet. 1. You have a portfoli...




Need in excel spreadsheet. 1. You have a portfolio comprised of the following. If the portfolio beta is 1.15, what is the beta of stock C? ?Stock? Value? Beta ? A?$3,000? 1.4 ? B?$4,000? .8 ? C?$2,000? ? ? D?$1,000? .9 2. A portfolio is invested 40 percent in stock A, 30 percent in stock B, and 30 percent in stock C. What is the expected return and standard deviation of this portfolio? ? State of? Probability of? Rate of Return if State Occurs? ?Economy. ?State of Economy?? Stock A. ?Stock B? Stock C ?Boom? .10? .05? .16? .23 ?Normal? .70? .08? .09? .11 ?Recession? .20? .15? -.03? -.25 3. You have 8 marbles, 7 of them weigh the same and one of them weighs different. You also have a balance scale. Within 2 weighings, how do you figure out which one is the weird one and whether it is heavier or lighter than one of the other 7? (5 points) 4. You have a string-like fuse that burns in exactly one minute. The fuse is inhomogeneous, and it may burn slowly at first, then quickly, then slowly, and so on. You have a match, and NO watch. How do you measure exactly 30 seconds? (5 points)


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