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Case 2-1Bar Harbor Blueberry Farm




Question;Case 2-1Bar Harbor Blueberry Farm;The Bar Harbor Blueberry;Farm is a family-owned, 200-acre farm that grows and sells blueberries to;grocery stores, blueberry wholesalers, and small roadside stands. Bar Harbor;has 25 full-time employees and hires 150 to 200 seasonal workers for the;harvest.;For the past six;summers, you have picked berries for Bar Harbor. When you graduated, you were;hired full-time as the accountant/office manager. Until now, Bar Harbor kept;most of its accounting records in a big file box. Jack Phillips, the owner;would like a more organized approach to the farm?s accounting records. He asked;you to establish a proper set of books. You decide to start by establishing;appropriate journals and ledgers for these transactions.;Presented below are a;set of vendor invoices and a few partially completed journals and ledgers. Your;job is to record these transactions and update the appropriate ledgers. Be sure;to leave a proper audit trail. You may also use Excel, Great Plains, Peachtree;QuickBooks, or another accounting software package of your choosing to complete;this problem.;Vendor;Invoices;Date;Supplier Invoice;Supplier Name;Supplier Address;Amount;March 7;AJ34;Bud?s Soil Prep;PO Box 34;$2,067.85;March 11;14568;Osto Farmers Supply;45 Main;$ 67.50;March 14;893V;Whalers Fertilizer;Route 34;$5,000.00;March 21;14699;Osto Farmers Supply;45 Main;$3,450.37;March 21;10102;IFM Wholesale;587 Longview;$4,005.00;March 24;10145;IFM Wholesale;587 Longview;$ 267.88;urchases Journal;Page;1;Date;Supplier;Supplier;Invoice;Account;Number;Post;Ref;Amount;March;7;Bud?s;Soil Prep;AJ34;$2,067.85;General Ledger;Accounts;Payable;Account;Number: 300;Date;Description;Post;Ref;Debit;Credit;Balance;March;1;Balance;Forward;$18,735.55;General Ledger;Purchases;Account;Number: 605;Date;Description;Post;Ref;Debit;Credit;Balance;March;1;Balance;Forward;$54,688.49;Accounts Payable;Subsidiary Ledger;Account;No: 23;Bud?s;Soil Prep;PO;Box 34;Terms;2/10, Net 30;Date;Description;Debit;Credit;Balance;Account;No: 24;Terms;2/10, Net 30;Account;No: 36;Terms;2/10, Net 30;Date;Description;Debit;Credit;Balance;Account No: 38;Terms: 2/10, Net 30;Date;Description;Debit;Credit;Balance


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