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How does ?fraud examination? differ from ?forensic accounting??




Question;1-1 How does ?fraud examination? differ from ?forensic accounting??1-2 There are several steps involved in the fraud theory approach. What are they?1-3 How does occupational fraud and abuse differ from other kinds of fraud? Give examples of other fraud types.2-4 Assume that a client who owns a small apartment complex in a different city than where he lives has discovered that the apartment manager has been skimming rental receipts, which are usually paid by check. The manager endorsed the checks with the apartment rental stamp, then endorsed her own name and deposited the proceeds into her own checking account. Because of the size of the operation, hiring a separate employee to keep the books is not practical. How could a scheme like this be prevented in the future?2-5 What is the most effective control to prevent receivables skimming?2-6 In many cases involving skimming, employees steal checks from the incoming mail. What are some of the controls that can prevent such occurrences?


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