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Per your request, I am increasing to $150.00. See...




Per your request, I am increasing to $150.00. See the attached,Will I get it today?,I can extend the deadline to midnight 10/15/2011. Just respond and let me know you are working on it. Thanks,Thanks for your help. However, I would like to requset some slght revisions. 1. turn it in gave a 50% originality, which means we need to have some citations in the paper. Can you please include them. 2. I have made some comments on the attached paper, please correct them for me. PLEASE MAKE THE CORRECTIONS TO THE ATTCHED FILE NOT YOUR ORIGNAL FILE. Thank you See the attached.,Please get back to me the the assignment is due shortly.,I can only afford to give you up to 6 PM EST. See attached.,You still have revised the paper according to APA requirements. Turn it in originality is still high (above 50%) and there are no citations (in text or reference page).,I am trying to correct the grammar in this paper and it it taking to mcuh of my time. Most sentences are incoherent and meaningless. Someone other the writer else needs to reveal this and correct the mistakes. This work does meet the standards of college writting.


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