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**MBA 560 Financial & Managerial Accounting -Saint Leo (all discussion questions answered) ***




Question;Saint Leo MBA 560Discussion questions with answersModule 1 DiscussionReview;the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act which was created in 2002 to address;the accounting scandals in the late 90s early 00s (Enron, WorldCom, etc.).;Identify the provisions that you feel made the biggest impact. What other provisions;could have been included in the Act to strengthen the Responsible Stewardship;and Integrity of the accounting profession? And conversely, what existing;provisions in the Act do you believe (if any) are unnecessary or over-regulate;the profession?Module 2 DiscussionSummarize the events of a recent;accounting scandal. Identify how the illegal/unethical act was detected and the;punishments that resulted (fines, prison terms, etc.). Consider what could have;been done to detect this act earlier and what could have been done to prevent;this from happening in the first place. Select a different example than those;listed on previous posts.Module 3 DiscussionUS GAAP follows the Historical;Cost Concept in valuing the cost of Long-Term Assets. Explain this principle;and how it compares to the standards used in the reporting of Long-Term Assets;under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). If there is a;convergence of standards, which method do you believe should be used and why?Module 4 DiscussionDiscuss the advantages and disadvantages of;different types of financing;1. Issuing;bonds;2. Borrowing;from Bank;3. Equity;financingModule 5 DiscussionDiscuss the efficient Market Hypothesis. Do you;believe financial statement analysis can be performed in a way that provides;significant advantage to an investor?Module 6 DiscussionWhy is the accuracy of cost;allocation so important? Cite real-life examples of either successes or;failures in cost allocation.Module 7 DiscussionIdentify a real-life outsourcing decision that;has been made. Identify the specific reasons for the outsourcing. If information;is available, discuss the results of the outsourcing decision (jobs lost, cost;savings, etc.). Cite sources as deemed necessary.Module 8 DiscussionIdentify the costs and benefits to a company of;gathering, reporting, and disclosing non-financial information (ex.: Balanced;Scorecard, Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, Sustainability Reporting;etc.).


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