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Question;Bravo Baking Company began operations in May of 2010 with the production and sales of specialty breads.The company has experienced a good market demand for its high protein, low carbohydrate product called "Hi-Lo"Hi-Lo's success has required that Bravo continue to make only this one product, however, Bravo's customers,the local retailers, have been asking for more specialty breads from the company. The decision to expand will be madein the coming weeks.Weekly Assignments: Complete the assigned Tab each week.In each worksheet there are several Green colored cells. These cells must be filled in with your response.PointsPointsDueAvailable EarnedTab1) Product vs. Period CostsWeek 11010.00Tab 2) Cost of Goods Manufactured ScheduleWeek 23030.00Tab 3) Break Even AnalysisWeek 34040.00Tab 4) Incremental AnalysisWeek 54040.00Tab 5) Capital BudgetingWeek 64040.00Tab 6) Variance AnalysisWeek 7400.00200160.00 TotalACCT 346Student NameJamie Gutwein/OligerFor Tables A: From the list below, identify if the cost item is aFor Table B: From the list below, identify if the cost item is a "Direct"Product Cost" or "Period Cost" by typing "Product" or "Period" inCost" or "Indirect Cost" by typing "Direct" or "Indirect" in thethe appropriate box.10 points appropriate box.Table AFlour used in baking breadFactory Supervisor SalariesBakers wagesRent for Executive OfficesSales CommissionsUtilities used in the factoryAdvertising costsDelivery truck costsPaper wrappers for breadDepreciation on bake ovensEggs, salt, water used for bakingInterest on bank loanFactory InsuranceEnter either "Product" or "Period"ProductProductProductPeriodPeriodProductPeriodPeriodProductProductProductPeriodProduct


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