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Question;1. Willco Inc. manufactures electronic parts. They are analyzing their monthly maintenancecosts to determine the best way to budget these costs in the future. They have collected thefollowing data for the last 6 months:Using the High?Low Method, if Willco Inc. expects to operate the machines for a total of 32,000hours in the next month, calculate the expected maintenance costs.a. $31,232b. $32,512c. $64,755d. $63,947e. $65,227QUESTION 21. Baker Company's sales mix is 3 units of A, 2 units of B, and 1 unit of C. Selling pricesfor each product are $20, $30, and $40, respectively. Variable costs per unit are $12, $18, and$24, respectively. Fixed costs are $320,000. What is the break?even point in units of A, B andC?a. A 15,000, B 10,000, C 5,000.b. A 12,000, B 8,000, C 4,000.c. A 18,000, B 12,000, C 6,000.d. A 5,000, B 10,000, C 15,000.e. A 4,000, B 8,000, C 12,000.


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