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Question;SEC 10-K Project;Selecting Your Company;Select a publicly traded U.S. corporation you would like to study this semester;and ask the professor for permission by posting a response here.;Your corporation must;have a SEC 10K report for the current or most recent prior year;be among the Fortune 100 companies. To identify Fortune 500 companies click;this link:;have an Accounts Receivable and Inventory account;be based in the United States;Your corporation may not;be the same corporation you used for SEC projects in other classes;be the same corporation a classmate selected;be a bank or any other type of financial institution;be a hotel or other service-oriented business;Requirements for this post;Write the name of the corporation, the stock market where it is traded, and its;ticker symbol in the Subject line when you respond to this posting and all;other postings related to this project. For example;Under Armour, NYSE: UA;Apple, NASDAQ: APPL;Exxon Mobile, NYSE: XOM;State why you want to study and prepare a financial analysis of your;corporation.;Provide a direct link to your corporation's SEC 10K report for the most recent;year. A direct link is a hyperlink that takes you directly to a website where;the SEC 10K report is located. For example, this is the direct link to the 2013;SEC 10K report for Apple, Inc.;;State your corporation's position on the Fortune 500 List for the current year.;Provide page numbers for all four required financial statements;Income Statement (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated Statements of;Income);Balance Sheet (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated Balance Sheet or;Statement of Financial Position);Statement of Stockholders Equity (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated;Statements of Stockholder's Equity or Consolidated Statements of Stockholder's;Deficit);Statement of Cash Flows (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated;Statements of Cash Flows);Accessing and Reading the SEC 10-K for Your Company;The most direct route to finding the direct link is to use the SEC EDGAR System;and search by Company name. The following link is a good place to start your;search:;If you?ve never used the EDGAR database before, the SEC provides a guide on how;to use the database: Researching Public Companies Through EDGAR: A Guide for;Investors. In addition, the SEC provides a very useful guide named How to Read;an SEC 10-K Report that you should read before beginning your project. If you?d;like a PDF of the guide, you can download it from here.;Alternatively, your company?s website may provide the 10-K under Investor;Relations (or a title similar).;Topical Requirements;Specific topics that you should address in your paper include the following;Brief description of company;Major competitors;Brief summary of current events affecting the company;Vertical Analysis (with interpretation) of the Balance Sheet (Income Statement;is optional);Horizontal Analysis (with interpretation) of the Income Statement (Balance;Sheet is optional);Analysis and interpretation of the Statement of Cash Flows including operating;investing, and financing activities sections, and;Financial ratios, computation, and interpretation (see Illustration 18-27 on;pages 843 and 844 of the textbook for a list of ratios to compute and;interpret).;If you?re an overachiever, you can include more topics than the ones above.;Your PowerPoint presentation should summarize your paper and include tables;graphs, and/or charts of the following;Vertical Analysis (with interpretation) of the Balance Sheet (Income Statement;is optional);Horizontal Analysis (with interpretation) of the Income Statement (Balance;Sheet is optional);Analysis and interpretation of the Statement of Cash Flows including operating;investing, and financing activities sections;Financial ratios, computations, explanations, and interpretations, and;Conclusion based on your analysis.;Formatting and Citation Requirements;The paper should be two to three pages in length, single-spaced, with one-inch;margins on all sides and 12-point font-size. (Page count does not include title;page, tables and exhibits, table of contents, and works cited list.) Use these;headings to organize your paper into sections;Company Description and Major Competitors;Current Events Summary;Vertical Analysis of the Balance Sheet;Horizontal Analysis of the Income Statement;Analysis of the Statement of Cash Flows;Ratio Analysis;Conclusion based on analysis;Your presentation should be between six to ten slides in length not including a;cover slide and a works cited slide. Do not copy and paste your paper onto the;SEC 10-K presentation slides. This will be very difficult to read, so use;bullets points to summarize your paper instead.;Do not copy and paste material from the 10-K because doing so would be;considered plagiarism. Avoid issues of academic dishonesty by citing all of;your sources in a works cited list, which should include the web address for;your SEC 10-K. Your works cited list should also include our textbook. You must;use APA style for in-text citations and your works cited list.;The UMUC Library has a good website with citation resources and APA citation;examples. Two additional resources are the online tutorial, The Basics of APA;Style Tutorial and the APA Style resources by the Purdue Online Writing Lab.;Rough Draft Due Date and Submission;Post the rough draft of your presentation or paper to the Week 6 SEC 10-K: Peer;Review discussion topic for review by your classmates by Sunday, April 27 at 11;p.m. ET. Provide feedback to at least one classmate (the more the better). If;you see that some classmates have not received any feedback, be a friend and;take the initiative to offer them some comments.;Final Draft Due Date and Submission;Save the final draft of your paper as a Microsoft Word document and name it;?Last Name, First Name (final).doc?. Likewise, save the final draft of your;presentation as a PowerPoint file and name it ?Last Name, First Name;(final).ppt?. Submit both files to the Assignment folder by Sunday, May 4 at 11;p.m. ET. (If you?re using a new version of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, the;file extension will be ?.docx? and ?.pptx?. Don?t worry if this is the case. I;should still be able to open your files.);Summary


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