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Question;Select a publicly traded U.S. corporation you would like to study this;semester and ask the professor for permission by posting a response here.;Your corporation must;1) have a SEC 10-K report for the current or most recent prior year;2) be among the Fortune 100 companies. To identify Fortune 500;companies click this link:;3) have an Accounts Receivable and Inventory account;Your corporation may NOT;1) be the same corporation you used for SEC projects in other classes;2) be the same corporation a classmate selected;3) be a bank or any other type of financial institution;Requirements;1. Write the name of the corporation, the stock market where it is traded, and;its ticker symbol in the Subject line when you respond to this posting and all;other postings related to this project.;For example;?;Under Armour, NYSE: UA;?;Apple, NASDAQ: APPL;?;Exxon Mobile, NYSE: XOM;2. State why you want to study and prepare a financial analysis of your;corporation.;3. Provide a direct link to your corporation's SEC 10K report for the;most recent year. A direct link is a hyper link that takes you directly;to a Website where the SEC 10K report is located. For example, this is;the direct link to the 2013 SEC 10K report for Apple, Inc.;The most direct route to finding the direct link is to use the SEC EDGAR System;and search by Company name.;The following link is a good place to start your search:;4. State your corporation's position on the Fortune 500 List for the;current year.;5. Provide page numbers for all four required financial statements;Income Statement (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated Statements of;Income);Balance Sheet (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated Balance Sheet or;Statement of Financial Position);Statement of Stockholders Equity (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated;Statements of Stockholder's Equity or Consolidated Statements of Stockholder's;Deficit);Statement of Cash Flows (Hint: it could be listed as the Consolidated;Statements of Cash Flows);SEC;10-K Paper;Under my direction, access the most recent SEC 10-K filing of a;publically traded company. Verify that your company has inventory and accounts;receivable. The company must sell a tangible product (not services). Do not select hotels, financial service providers, or other;service oriented businesses.;Most students find their SEC 10-K;file on the company website. Look for links for About Us, Company Information;or Investors, and then SEC and Annual (often in a drop-down menu). Post the;name of your company, the web link, and how you located your SEC 10-K in the;SEC 10-K discussion for my approval. You must select a company that has not;been previously selected so that everyone has a different company. You will;post comments about your company as we discuss inventory methods, and again as;we discuss accounts receivable and bad debts.;Also, describe the fiscal year for your company (is it December 31 or;the last Saturday in January, etc.). Look for the name of the outside audit;firm (there will be a letter on the financial statements and internal control).;Major public accounting firms include Deloitte, KPMG, pwc/ PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Ernst & Young;(there are others). Other postings may be required.;The posting process will assist you;in writing the paper.;Use your own words. Do not copy and;paste material. If you copy and paste any financial statements or areas from;the SEC 10-K, this will not count toward the page length requirement.;Take care to avoid issues of academic;dishonesty. Your works cited list should include the web address for your SEC;10-K so that I can access it as you did. Your works cited list should also include;our textbook. Any other resources should be cited in text using APA style. We;use APA style for in-text citations and for the works cited list.;The;paper should be one to two pages in length, single-spaced, with one-inch;margins on all sides. Double-space between paragraphs and use a 12-point font. Use headers;for sections such as Inventory and Accounts Receivable. You may have other;sections as well. The paper is your opportunity to use accounting terms and;concepts from our class and relate them to a company of interest to you. You;should comment on the income statement and balance sheet to explain the;financial information revealed for your company. The paper is due as assigned.;SEC;10-K Presentation;After;completing your SEC 10-K paper and submitting as assigned, create a;PowerPoint presentation file. The presentation should be no more than six;slides in length, plus a cover slide and a works cited slide (eight slides;total). Do;not copy and paste your paper onto the SEC 10-K presentation slides. Use;bullets and create a story, relating the concepts of this accounting course to;your company.;You are required to post your SEC;10-K presentation in the SEC 10-K discussion by the due date assigned. Post comments;on the work of at least one other student so that everyone has a minimum of one;set of comments. After our discussion week, make any changes you wish to your;SEC 10-K presentation and submit the file as required.;Please ask me if any questions arise;on the SEC 10-K project (paper and presentation).


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