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devry acct505 week 1 and week 2 discussions




Question;Cost Terms, Classifications, and Behavior (graded)Welcome to our Week 1 Discussions! To get us started, let's consider the following questions. 1) Would a traditional income statement differ depending on whether the business is a service organization, merchandiser, or manufacturer?2) Could we use managerial accounting tools to assess the profitability of an organization other than a manufacturing business, or are the topics that we are learning only related to manufacturing? 3) If we could use these concepts in service and/or merchandising businesses, how would we go about doing so?Let's start with the first question.Research and Application (graded)Go to page 130, Case 3-30, Ethics and the Manager. Let?s discuss the questions, make value-added comments, points, and share personal experiences of unethical situations.="color:>="color:>="color:>week 2="color:>="color:>="color:>="color:>Job Order and Process Costing Systems (graded)Welcome to our Week 2 Discussions! Let's begin by discussing when job order costing systems would be more appropriate than a process costing system.Research and Application (graded)Go to page 166 and read Case 4-19, Ethics and the Manager: Understanding the Impact of Percentage Completion on Profit. Let?s address the questions, provide reasons for our answers, share relevant personal experiences, and provide value-added comments, articles, and related websites. Let?s have a lot of interaction.


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