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strayer acc565 week 10 discussion 1 and 2 both




Question;Imagine a situation in which a client under audit by the IRS;omitted $100,000 in income. From the e-Activity, examine the major factors;relative to the omission by the client that would result in a criminal;investigation, rather than a civil fraud proposal by the IRS.;Evidence of FraudBased on the scenario in the first part of this discussion;suggest at least one (1) strategy that the client should use in defense of a;criminal case pursued. Provide a rationale for your response.="msonormal">week 10 dis 2Discussion 2;Per the text, a U.S. parent company does not include the income of;a foreign subsidiary until the income is repatriated as dividends. Defend the;creation of foreign subsidiaries as a mechanism to defer income of major U.S.;companies. Propose a new tax law that will benefit the U.S. Treasury from the deferral;of income from foreign subsidiaries and encourage the repatriation of the;previously deferred income.Examine the current;provisions of the IRC designed to prevent tax avoidance between a U.S.;corporation and a foreign subsidiary, and evaluate the importance of using;advance pricing agreements (APAs) to execute such provisions. Defend or critique the;confidentiality treatment of APAs under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).;Justify your position.="msonormal">


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