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Question;A company established a direct;material standard of 2 pounds of material at a cost of $6 per pound for unit produced.;During August the company produced 6,000 units of product. 10,000 pounds of;direct material which cost $6.50 per pound were used in the production process.;Compute the direct material quantity variance for August.;Answers: a.;$5,000 unfavorable.;b.;$12,000 unfavorable.;c.;$5,000 favorable.;d.;$12,000 favorable.;e.;$7,000 favorable.;Question 5;Product A has a sales price of;$10 per unit. Based on a 10,000-unit production level, the variable costs are;$6 per unit and the fixed costs are $3 per unit. Using a flexible budget for;12,500 units, what is the budgeted operating income from Product A?;Answers: a.;$12,500;b.;$25,000;c.;$20,000;d.;$30,000;e.;$35,000;Question 6;Bartels Corp. produces;woodcarvings. It takes 2 hours of direct labor to produce a carving. Bartels;standard labor cost is $12 per hour. During August, Bartels produced 10,000;carvings and used 21,040 hours of direct labor at a total cost of $250,376. What;is Bartels' total labor variance for August?;Answers: a.;$10,376 unfavorable.;b.;$2,104 unfavorable.;c.;$2,104 favorable.;d.;$12,480 unfavorable.;e.;$12,480 favorable.;Question 8;Bartels;Corp. produces woodcarvings. It takes 2 hours of direct labor to produce a;carving. Bartels' standard labor cost is $12 per hour. During August, Bartels;produced 10,000 carvings and used 21,040 hours of direct labor at a total cost;of $250,376. What is Bartels' labor rate variance for August?;Need answer;Question 9;Actual fixed overhead for Kapok;Company during March was $92,780. The flexible budget for fixed overhead this;period is $89,000 based on a production level of 5,000 units. If the company;actually produced 4,200 units what is the fixed overhead volume variance for;March?;Answers: a.;$3,780 favorable.;b.;$18,020 unfavorable.;c.;$14,240 unfavorable.;d.;$3,780 unfavorable.;e.;$14,240 favorable.;? Question;10;A company's flexible budget for;12,000 units of production showed sales, $48,000, variable costs, $18,000, and;fixed costs, $16,000. The operating income expected if the company produces and;sells 16,000 units is;Answers: a.;$2,667;b. $14,000;c.;$18,667;d.;$24,000;e.;$35,000


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