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Question;As;a quality analyst you are also responsible for controlling the weight of a box;of cereal. The Operations Manager asks you to identify the ways in which;statistical quality control methods can be applied to the weights of the boxes.;Provide your recommendations to the Operations Manager in a three page report.;Using the data provided in the Doc Sharing area labeled M4A2Data, create;Xbar and R charts.;Your;report should indicate the following along with valid justifications of your;answers;a.The control limits of;the weights of the boxes.;b.Nonrandom patterns or;trends, if any.;c.If the process is in;control.;d.The appropriate;action if the process is not in control.;Using;the data provided created Xbar and R charts.;Set;control limits for the weights of the boxes.;Established;the criteria for nonrandom patterns or trends, if any.;Stated;whether the process is in control, according to the limits and the criteria;established in b and c above.;Suggested;the appropriate action if the process is not in control.;Gave;valid and supported reasons for their answer.;Used;correct grammar, spelling, and word choice and cited all sources using;correct APA style.Note: The following consists of 12 sets of three box weights in;ounces;N;#1;#2;#3;StdDev;Xbar;1;6.3;6.28;6.26;0.02;6.28;2;6.32;6.32;6.33;0.005773503;6.32333333;3;6.29;6.33;6.36;0.035118846;6.32666667;4;6.3;6.29;6.34;0.026457513;6.31;5;6.295;6.315;6.39;0.050083264;6.33333333;6;6.292;6.319;6.33;0.019553346;6.31366667;7;6.289;6.323;6.4;0.0568712;6.33733333;8;6.286;6.327;6.471;0.097161378;6.36133333;9;6.283;6.331;6.498;0.112855365;6.37066667;10;6.28;6.335;6.525;0.128549601;6.38;11;6.277;6.339;6.39;0.056589163;6.33533333;12;6.274;6.343;6.4;0.063095166;6.339


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