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ACC - You have been asked by management to explain the variances in costs




Question;You have been asked by management;to explain the variances in costs under your inpatient capitated contract.;The following data is provided. Use the following data to calculate the;variances.;Budget;Actual;Inpatient Costs;$12,568,500;$16,618,350;Members;42,000;42,000;Admission Rate;0.070;0.095;Case Mix Index;0.90;0.85;Cost per Case (CMI = 1.0);$4,750;$4,900;Problem 1: What dollar amount;of the total variance is attributed to Enrollment Variance?;Problem 2: What dollar effect;did the increased admission rate have on cost?;Problem 3: The intensity of;care delivered dropped from a budgeted case mix of 0.90 to an actual case mix;of 0.85. What dollar effect did this have on actual costs?;Problem 4: Costs per case;increased to $4,900 from a budgeted value of $4,750. This increased actual;total costs by what amount?;Problem 5: Using the;information in the table below, calculate the amount of the unfavorable rate;variance. Then select the letter from the list below that shows the correct;answer.;Budgeted;Actual;Volume;200,000;190,000;Revenue per unit;$40;$37;Revenue;$8,000,000;$7,030,000;a) $400,000;b) $570,000;c) $970,000;d) $600,000;e) cannot calculate with given;information;Problem 6: Using the information in the table below;determine how much of the supplies variance is due to a change in volume. Then;select the letter from the list below that shows the correct answer.;Budgeted Actual Variance;Volume 1,000 1,100 100;Supplies $10,000$12,750$2,750;Fixed Labour $20,000$22,250$2,250;a) $ 900;b) $1,000;c) $1,050;d) $1,250;e) $1,500


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