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Question;PROCTOR'S STATEMENTThis is to certify that ____________ wrote an examination inunder my personal supervision and received no outside aid fromany source whatsoever. The student was verified through a picture ID prior totaking the examination. The completed examination is being mailed to theOnline and Distance Education Office by me.Signature of Examination ProctorPositionDateVersionR ACCOUNTING200Thh?d Hour Exam--Cha1tters 8, 9, & 10 Name ------------I. For the year 2006 Kolar Company has the following information availabl~ Use thisinformation to answer questions A, B, C, & D.Gross Credit Sliles of $90,000Sales Discounts of $4,000Debit balance i11 Allowance for Doubtful Accounts (before ad.justing entries) of $6,000Balance in Accounts Receivable (before adjusting entries) of $22,000.Am,wer each of the following questions JNDEl:-'l:!:NOJ?NT of the other questions. (10 points}A. If Kolllr Company estimates bacl debl expense lo be 4% vf Net Credit Sales, what amount of bad debtcxvcnse should be rc1mrtecl Oil the 2006 Income Statement?B. If Kolar Company performs an aging of Accounts Recdvable and delermines lhat $8,000 worth ofaccount11 arc uncollcctihle, make the adjustrng 1011rnal entry to record ba


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