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devry acct346 week 3 and week 4 discussions




Question;Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis (graded)Based on your ebook readings and review of both the lecture and Becker content, discuss the basic assumptions of CVP analysis and how we can use CVP analysis as managers in making decisions.Absorption Costing (graded)Absorption costing, also known as full costing refers to a system in which all the fixed manufacturing overheads are allocated to products. The alternative system which assigns only variable manufacturing costs to products then fixed costs added separately is termed variable costing. Discuss the pros and cons of each method. Give examples.week 4Activity-Based Costing (graded)How does activity-based costing differ from the traditional costing approach? When would it give more accurate costs than traditional costing systems?Incremental Cost Analysis (graded)"Only those costs that change need be included in the decision-making process." Evaluate this statement and discuss its merits or shortcomings based on your readings.


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