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devry acct346 week 5,6 and 7 discussion




Question;Capital Budgeting Techniques (graded)What is NPV? What is IRR? Suppose a company has 2 different capital budgeting projects from which to choose, but has constrained funds and cannot implement all of the projects. Explain how and whay you would choose one project over the other. TIME VALUE OF MONEYWE OFTEN SAY THAT MONEY HAS A TIME VALUE. WHAT DO WE MEAN BY THAT? WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT IN ACCOUNTING? GIVE EXAMPLES. week 6Standard Costs and Variance Analysis (graded)WHAT IS THE PURPOSE BEHIND A STANDARD COSTING SYSTEM? HOW IS THIS METHOD DIFFERENT FROM ABC OR VARIABLE COSTING OR JOB COSTING OR PROCESS COSTING SYSTEMS THAT WE HAVE LEARNED (HOPEFULLY) IN THIS COURSE? WHAT ARE SOME OF ITS ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES? GIVE EXAMPLES.Variance Analysis (graded)What are the 4 key variances discussed in this chapter? Select and define one and provide an example. week 7Ratio Analysis (graded)What are the limitations of ratios and how do we over-come those limitations? Financial Statement Analysis (graded)Why do managers analyze financial statements? What are they looking for? List three types of decisions that managers can make by analyzing financial statements.


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