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Strayer ACC 557 Week 2, 3 and 4 Discussion Questions




Question;Week 2;From each business;management domain, identify the two most important areas a CIO should accept;responsibility for in order to strategically lead the organization. Support;your answer with a rationale for why you believe these are the most important;areas.;Identify three;aspects of portfolio management that allow the CIO to strategically align IT;with organizational goals and discuss why these aspects are important.;Week 3;Consider the three;component layers of cloud computing, and explain in your own words how each;layer of technology is related. Ensure that each layer is addressed.;Discuss how cloud;computing can reduce costs while providing a robust technological environment;to improve organizational effectiveness. Support your answer by using a;specific business sector or industry (i.e., manufacturing, distribution;government, educational services, technology, and computing).;Explain how each;fundamental design principle is integral to process improvement within the;logistics and distribution industry.;Explain why adhering;to the four fundamental design principles are important considerations when;developing secure applications;Week 4;Explain how ITPM best;practices can facilitate process change within an organization. Determine if;ITPM would be used differently depending upon the industry in which it was;used. Explain your answer.;Evaluate the four;risk-mitigation options and strategies. Give your opinion as to what;circumstances would warrant each strategy.;Explain why any;proposed process change requires cost estimating. In your opinion, determine;whether or not cost estimating is a critical part of analyzing the feasibility;of projects. Support your answer.;Assess business continuity;planning (BCP) as a process that adds business value. Explain the correlation between business;value and project cost estimation as they relate to BCP. List and support three;business justifications for business value outweighing the possible cost estimation;when considering BCP.Answer the questions mentioned above and provide at least 3 references


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