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ACC - Harriet Knox, Ralph Patton, and Marcia Diamond work for a family physician




Question;Harriet Knox, Ralph Patton, and Marcia Diamond work for a family physician, Dr. Gwen Contrad, who is in private practice. Dr. Contrad is knowledgeable about office management practices and has segregated the cash receipt duties as follows:Knox opens the mail and prepares a triplicate list of money received.She sends one copy of the list to Patton, the cashier, who deposits the receipts daily in the bank.Diamond, the recordkeeper, receives a copy of the list and posts payments to the patients' accounts.About once a month the office clerks have an expensive lunch they pay for as follows:First, Patton endorses a patient's check in Dr. Contrad's name and cashes it at the bank.Knox then destroys the remittance advice accompanying the check.Finally, Diamond posts payment to the customer's account as a miscellaneous credit.The three clerks justify their actions by their relatively low pay and the knowledge that Dr. Contrad will likely never miss the money.Discussion Questions:Who is the best person in Dr. Contrad's office to reconcile the bank statement? Simply providing a name is insufficient, you have to explain why this person would be the best one to reconcile the bank statements. About 75 to 100 words are expected.Would a bank reconciliation uncover this office fraud? Why or why not? Again, about 75-100 words are expected.


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