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ACT5731 Team Project




Question;ACT;5731: Team Project;The team project provides you with an opportunity to;interact with professionals to obtain understanding of the practical;implications of the accounting information system (AIS) of an entity. Conduct;interviews with the key accounting and IT professionals of an entity of your;choice, and research internal or external sources to collect relevant materials;to further understanding of the practical implications of the entity?s AIS;Your team report;should contain the following;1. Describe the entity;(i.e., the entity?s industry, size of workforce, annual revenue, total assets, investment;in the AIS, and amount spent on maintaining the AIS each year).;2. Discuss the;entity?s assessment of and satisfaction with the AIS in fulfilling the objectives;of the entity. Include the entity?s evaluation of whether the AIS is ?ahead of;the curve?, ?behind the curve?, or ?about in line? with other firms in the;industry.;3. Discuss the key;systems issues (e.g., importance of the AIS, presence of a chief information;officer or an information systems department, and other systems related issues).;4. Explain the entity?s;attitude toward systems security and describe its strategies for dealing with;systems security issues (e.g. intrusion detection systems, firewalls, etc.).;Discuss the vulnerability of the entity?s AIS to violation by employees and;attacks by hackers.;5.;In addition;explain clearly and in detail the internal control strengths and weaknesses of;the business processes.;6. Drawthe reporting systems document flowcharts as originally;described by the accounting and IT professionals of your entity. Be sure to indicate clearly the business;processes in your document flowcharts.;7. Drawthe revised reporting systems document;flowcharts which incorporate your recommendations for mitigating the weaknesses;identified in the business processes of your entity. Indicate clearly your suggested computerized controls;and internal control procedures for mitigating the internal control weaknesses;in your document flowcharts. All your revised document flowcharts must be substantially;different from the original document flowcharts.;Note;Explain your;answers in detail to all the above questions.Submit one typewritten team report;including relevant exhibits, tables, or appendices.The;estimated length for this team project is 5 pages. Read very carefully the;Systems Development & Documentation Techniques PowerPoint file in My Course;Content. Make sure you understand the differences among a dataflow diagram;document flowchart, systems flowchart, program flowchart, etc.


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