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Small Investors and Stock Market Investments




Question;Small Investors and Stock Market Investments DQ work;What;disadvantages do small investors face when investing in the stock market;You work for a large investment firm;and recently wrote a position article on your firm's approach to investing for;the small investor, titled "Investing Is for the Little Guy." The;article now appears on your company's Web site. It has, interestingly enough;generated e-mail responses from potential clients, and your firm is asking you;to address some of their questions for a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ);segment that will be posted to the Web site soon.;Specifically, some of the;respondents have compared investing in the stock market as a no-win situation;and only the institutional investors can win. These respondents would like a;response that further clarifies your firm's position regarding risk in light of;these types of statements.;Assignment Guidelines;?;Research stock market investments;using your text, course materials, and Web resources.;o What disadvantages do small investors face when investing in;the stock market?;o What advantages are presented to these small investors?


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