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Integrating financial reports helps in the planning process




Question;Integrating financial reports helps in the planning process of setting targets and following up on them? Why integrate and name one or more goals in our passion for accounting.The Balance Sheet portrays the assets and liabilities at a single point in time? What takes place before and after that point in time?Fraud occurs when an employee abuses employer trust for personal gain? What can companies do to contain and diminish fraud?Compare and contrast the Investing Activities section of the Cash Flow Statement and the Financing Activities section of the Cash Flow Statement.Benchmarking can indicate how a company performs as compared to their competition? What cautions would you mention in your presentation?Assess whether the direct or indirect cash flow statement is higher quality financial reporting, consider whether direct cash flow information (1) is useful for predictive purposes, or (2) is valued in the direct cash flow reporting format, relative to the indirect method, leading to better prediction of future firm performance and has a stronger association withshare prices in capital market settings.Which model of corporate format do you believe is more lasting, the "Public Corporation" or the LBO platform?


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