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Question;1.Humble Company had a great year allowing for $2,450,000 in;dividends over a weighted-average of 25,000,000 stocks. Their net income for;the year was $205,000,000 with $2,000,000 sitting in their cash account. What;is the EPS for Humble Company?;2. Back to Basics, Inc. is building;Square One with the cost and other data listed in the table. Using the;percentage of completion method to recognize revenue, compute the amount of;gross profit recognized in 2012 and 2013. (Hint: Review past homework for help;the problem tells you where to look);Year;2012;2013;Costs;incurred during the year;600,000;1,750,000;Estimated;Costs To Complete;2,000,000;0;Billing;during the year;500,000;1,600,000


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