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ACT 3396 Week 4 Assignment Problem 5-14




Question;Assignment #2 ? Data AnalysisProblem 5-14 ModifiedYou are looking for a new apartment and decided to go through a realtor instead of shopping for theapartment through advertisements. Cain Realty provided you with the following list of 7 availableapartments in the area you specified. The apartments have been evaluated by Cain Realty using 12different criteria (listed as 2?13 on the spreadsheet in Figure 5.16).Complete the following steps for Part 1 and Part 2:1. Use an Excel workbook to design a decision aid to choose an apartment.2. Use the appropriate factors in Part 1 and Part 2.3. Decide how much decision weight you want to assign to each factor relative to the other factors.4. Distribute the decision weights so that they add up to 100 (i.e., 100%).5. Justify your decisions about factors and weights.6. Select an apartment and provide the reason for your decision.Part 1a. Use the 12 factors shown in Figure 5.16 for your decision model.b. Complete the steps listed above.Part 2a. Choose a situation that would require a decision. [Example: selecting a new car]b. Select 10 factors for your decision model. [Example: price, mpg, and safety]c. Indicate potential sources from the internet for your decision factors. [Example: Kelly BlueBook(prices) and Edmund (car reviews)]d. Set up a Table of Data in the same format as Figure 5.16e. Populate the table with response to the factors. (This data can be fictitious. You do not have toresearch the criteria.)f. Complete the steps listed above.


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