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Question;ACG 2004: PRINCIPLES OF;ACCOUNTING II;PROJECT RESEARCH PAPER;FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS;LEARNING OBJECTIVE;The purpose of theproject;is to apply the lessons of your accounting course to a real company. You will discover how the issues, topics;practices and procedures described in your textbook actually affect a company?s;financial statements. You will conduct;library and Internet research to famil?iarize yourself with your company and;the industry in which your firm competes and be able to analyze and evaluate;your individual firm?s financial stability and trends.;The company should be publicly;traded, i.e., its stock is traded on a stock exchange such as the New York;Stock Exchange (NYSE). It is usually;best to avoid financial institutions, e.g., banks or insurance companies, as;well as public utilities, because these companies normally have specialized;accounting practices.;Instructions for completing the;Assignment;Choose a publicly;traded merchandising/retail company (for example, Apple, Lowes, Microsoft;Nike, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Proctor & Gamble, etc.)Obtain the;latest annual report for your company. Annual reports are usually extensive. Do not;print the entire report. Search for the financial statements (Income Statement;Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows) and only print those pages (they;are usually 3 to 4 pages). Save the annual report on a media storage device for;future reference. The annual report is usually available on the company?s;website under investor relations or similar title or from the Securities and;Exchange Commission website ( (Note: Publicly traded companies also have to;file a 10-K annual report, which also has the financial statements included in;this report). Please save and submit copies of the financial;statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows) and;include them as an attachment or in the Appendix for your Project paper. (Do not submit the entire annual report). Outline of Project Paper;Introduction: Must be a clear and specific summary of;everything that you are going to discuss in the Project paper.;2.;Basic Company Information and a;brief History of the Company.;(Present a profile of your company including a brief history of the company;their products, etc.).;Financial Statement Analysis (CH 17)Calculate the following measures for the most recent two (2) fiscal;years, rounding to one decimal place.;Show your work and calculations by including the formulas for each measure.;Solvency Measures;Working;capitalCurrent;ratioQuick;ratioAccount;receivable turnoverNumber;of days sales in receivablesInventory;turnoverNumber;of days sales in inventoryRatio;of fixed assets to long-term liabilitiesRatio;of liabilities to stockholders equityNumber;of times interest charges earned;Profitability;Measures;Ratio;of net sales to assetsRate;earned on total assetsRate;earned on stockholders? equityRate;earned on common stockholders? equityEarnings;per share on common stockPrice-earnings;ratioDividends;per shareDividend;yield;Analysis:Analyze;the impact that each calculation has for the company (what the results of the;solvency and profitability measures mean for the company).Conclusion: What;conclusions can be drawn from this analysis about the financial health and;status of your chosen company? Include industry trends as well as economic;social, legal and political environment factors that impact your company.References (APA STYLE)Appendix(Include;a copy of the company?s financial statements and any other items that you;consider important).Due Dates and Grade Rubrics:This Project can be done by groups or individually. A group cannot be larger than 3 people. If it is;done in a group, please provide the names of the students in each group on the;cover page of the Project paper. Each;student in the group will also have to submit the assignment in Blackboard so;it can be graded. Due by Week 8? The completed Project is worth 200 points and is due;as per the Course Scheduled detailed in Assignments.The Project will be graded based on;the following categoriesQuality;of Information Organization Sources Mechanics Proper;Use of APA Style and Formatting Guidelines Total;Grade for Project: 20% of final gradeAPA STYLE IS REQUIRED AND ENFORCED


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