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ACC 559 Unit 6




Question;1.;Explain the mechanism that states use to prevent the double;taxation of the income of a corporation doing business in two or more states.;2.;Does a state have the authority to require a U.S.-based;multinational corporation to compute its state taxable income on a worldwide;combined reporting basis? What about a foreign-based multinational corporation?;Explain.;3.;The IRS is conducting a transfer pricing examination of USAco, a;wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of FORco. USAco purchases widgets from FORco for;resale in the United States. The IRS examines USAco?s transfer pricing;practices for a year in which the statute of limitations will expire in six;months. With respect to FORco?s manufacturing costs, USAco has failed to reply;to information document requests and a summons that is currently docketed in;court for enforcement. What procedural tools may the IRS employ to obtain;information regarding FORco?s manufacturing costs? Explain.;4.;USAco is the wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of ASIAco, a Japanese;parent corporation that manufactures automobiles and sells them to USAco for;resale in the United States. ASIAco sells the automobiles to USAco for $20,000;and USAco resells the automobiles for $21,000. After a lengthy transfer pricing;examination, the IRS proposes an adjustment, based on what it believes is the;arm?s length price that ASIAco should charge USAco of $17,000 per automobile.;USAco would like to file a protest at Appeals, but is also considering seeking;relief from the U.S. competent authority. What are USAco?s options? Explain.


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