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1. Civil forfeiture laws allow law enforcement to seize property in the absence of a criminal charge or the establishment of guilt if police believe they find any evidence of a drug-related crime. Which of the following assertions is not correct regarding civil forfeiture?a. the law has been used against drug cartel leaders, but state and local law enforcement have used the law whenever possibleb. in a majority of cases, the property owner is never charged with a crimes yet government officials usually keep the seized propertyc. a property owner may secure the return of property by showing that no crime ever occurred or the government lacked probable caused. there is a proportionality test which requires that more highly valued property may be seized only for more serious violations of the lawe. none of the above2. The government can seize property under the following methods except?a. initiating a forfeiture procedure under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedureb. beginning a summary or administrative procedure under federal customs lawc. seizing the property if it is in the possession of a known felond. none of the above3. When looking at the details given in a statement to determine truthfulness, the investigator should recall that which of the following is true?a. A difference in the level of detail in different parts of the statement is usually the best indicator of deceptionb. A lack of detail always indicates a sensitivity or intent to deceivec. An overabundance of details more often than not indicates an intent to deceived. None of the above4. What narrative strategy is evidenced in the following exchange?Investigator Right. My concern is that you transacted the order and there was no return merchandise.Suspect First of all, I do not do things like that, and second, I would never do it under my number.a. Schemingb. Second-person point of viewc. Explainingd. Diversive dissonancee. None of the above5. When someone rearranges the words of a sentence, he is modifying his ______________.a. Vernacularb. Syntaxc. Speechd. Mannerse. Grammarf. None of the above6. Which of the following statements is correct?a. the accounting provisions of the FCPA are broader than the anti-bribery provisionsb. officers, directors, employees, agents, and stockholders of foreign persons are subject to the FCPA if they commit a violation while in the USc. a foreign citizen who is an agent of a US concern is subject to the FCPA for acts committed outside the USd. under the FCPA, “corruptly” makes clear that an offer, payment, promise or gift must be intended to induce the recipient to misuse an official position to wrongfully direct business to the payer or obtain a favorable regulatione. none of the above7. What grammatical abnormality is evidenced in the following sentence?You know, you always try to make sure that the totals are correct and that receipts are all documented, but sometimes you miss things.a. Using out of sequence informationb. Omitting the pronoun “I”c. Using present tense verbs for past eventsd. Ending a sentence with a prepositione. None of the above


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