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Question;For each question write the page number(s) the information was found on.No page numbers yourgrade = ZERO.a) How many pages do the financial statements occupy, what is the balance date of the financialstatements and in what currency(s) are the financial statements prepared? (1 Mark).b) What is the company?s net profit (loss) for the current year and the previous year? Did thedirectors explain the profit (loss) for the current year, what did they say? What do the director?s sayabout profits in the future? (2 Marks)c) What is the company?s debt position? Calculate the company?s debt ratio for the current year andthe previous year using formula [Total Tangible Assets/Total Debt]. Comment on the company?sdebt position and their ability to repay. (2 Marks)d) How did the company fund its activities during the year? Did the company generate its own cashflows from business activities or did it rely on funds raised from shareholders, debt financing orasset sales? Provide full details of amounts. (2 Marks)e) Find ONE example of voluntary social or environmental disclosure. Can you think of a reason thecompany may have voluntarily disclosed this information. Find ONE example of mandatoryenvironmental disclosure. Take a screen print of the page in the annual report, cut and paste intoyou answer and crop/resize neatly into your document. (2 Marks)f) Do you think the company has good corporate governance systems in place?Provide clear reasons with examples from disclosure in the annual report you have been allocatedas to why you agree or disagree? (3 Marks)


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