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Question;Fairness of the Federal Estate Tax" Please respond to the following;Per the text, a voluntary compliance system is built on the fairness of the;system. The federal estate tax is often referred to as a death tax on wealthy;individuals. The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (EGTRRA) of;2001 provided for periodic increases in the exemption amount for decedents who;die after December 31, 2001, until the filing threshold reached $3.5 million in;2009. The tax was repealed in 2010 and later reinstated beginning in 2011. From;the e-Activity, determine one (1) major factor contributing to the fairness of;estate taxes on wealthy individuals prior to EGTRRA and the current structure of;the federal estate tax.;Per the text, several arguments exist for the repeal of the estate tax. From;the e-Activity, defend the most significant argument advanced in the repeal of;the estate tax by its opponents. Justify your


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