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Question;Submit Part 1 of the Course Project in a Microsoft Word document;via the Dropbox. The Course Project criteria is as follows;The Course Project involves tax planning research culminating in;two reports that will be submitted to the CEO of USco, a U.S. Corporation. The;first report (Tax Planning Considerations for Employees) will involve;tax planning issues related to the organization?s employees and the second;report (Tax Planning Considerations for USco) will involve to tax;planning issues related to the organization itself with respect to proposed;international operations. USco designs and manufactures specialized equipment;used in various manufacturing applications. The organization is contemplating;expanding its operations overseas. The CEO has questions concerning the form of;expansion (branch office, subsidiary, etc.) and the impact on employees (U.S.;citizens living abroad, Nonresident aliens, resident aliens, etc.) and the tax;implications for the organization itself.;For purposes of this Assignment, you will select your own country;of interest for the proposed expansion. Make sure that your selected country is;one that has a tax treaty with the United States. You can find a listing of;these tax treaty countries at the IRS website ( Click on the;business link, then international businesses. You will find tax treaties as one;of the international business topics.;You will want to use the textbook, IRS website, and the;professional literature to determine relevant information that should be;contained in each report. Your completed reports should be well-organized;well-documented, and clearly focused on the relevant issues appropriate to the;course project. Each report should conform to the following parameters;?;Include a Title Page;?;Introduction;?;Body;?;Conclusion;?;Executive Summary;?;Reference list;?;5?10 pages in;length(excluding title page and reference list);?;Use current APA format;Continue to research and work on the development of your two;reports each week until submission in Units 4 and 5 respectively. The two;reports will be submitted via the appropriate Dropbox as follows;?;Tax;Planning Considerations for Employees ? Unit 4;?;Tax;Planning Considerations for USco ? Unit 5


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