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Question;Name of Company Business;Plan;Firstname I. Lastname;Your Title;0000 Name of St;City, State 00000;(000) 000-0000;;October 11;2011;A. Executive;Summary.3;A1. Business Identification:3;A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives:3;A3. Keys to Success:3;B. Company Summary.3;B1. Industry History:3;B2. Legal Form of Ownership:3;B3. Location and Facilities:3;B4: Management Structure:3;B5. Products and Service:3;C. Market Analysis.3;C1: Target Market3;C2: Industry Analysis.3;C3: Competitive Analysis.3;D. Market Strategy.3;D1: 4Ps.3;D2: Price List-3;D3: Selling Strategy-3;D4: Sales Forecast-3;E. Implementation Strategy.3;E1. Overall Strategy-3;E2. Implementation-3;E3. Control Plan-3;F. Financial Statements and;Projections.3;F1. Revenue and Cost Estimate-3;F2. Forecasted Profit and Loss;Statement3;F3. Forecasted Balance Sheet-3;G1. Financial Projections.3;G1a- Breakeven Point-3;G1b-Financial Position:3;G1c-Capital/Investment Needs:3;References.3;A.;Executive Summary;(1-2 pages) - A brief synopsis;highlighting the key facts, issues, and conclusions;A1. Business Identification: Include the;business name and location, a brief summary of the business concepts and the;purpose of the business plan.;A2. Mission, Goals and Objectives: Explain the;goals and objectives you have outlined for your company.;A3.Keys to Success;Include what you think will be your 3 main keys to success in the new;operation.;B.;Company Summary;(4-6 pages);Describe the history of the origins of your business.;B1. Industry History;Describe the industry in which the business will operate.;B2. Legal Form of Ownership:Describe;the ownership and legal establishment of the company, (i.e. specifying whether;your company is a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, limited;liability partnership, etc.).;B3. Location and Facilities;Describe the geographic location of your business including where the;products/services will be produced. Identify any regulatory or legal Issues your;company needs to consider now or in the future in reference to the location;and/or facilities.;B4;Management Structure:Include the key personnel and;positions.;B5. Products and Service:Explain;the primary product(s) and/or service(s) your company produces and any unique;attributes they may have.;C.;Market Analysis;(3-5 pages)-The market analysis;section of your business plan should demonstrate that you know your customers.;C1: Target Market- Describe the current;market for your company?s product.;C2: Industry Analysis -Discuss the characteristics of this;industry such as growth trends, units sold, or employment.;C3: Competitive Analysis-;Describe your company?s current competition.;D.;Market Strategy;(3-6 pages)Describe how product, price, place and;promotion related to the products/services offered by the business.;D1:4Ps.;Discuss the pricing, product;promotion and distribution of your product;D2:Price List-;Develop a price list for the;products/services offered.;D3: Selling Strategy-;Develop a selling strategy with;goals, milestones and deliverables.;D4: Sales Forecast-;Develop a Sales forecast based on;expected market conditions.;E.;Implementation Strategy;(3-6 pages)-Outline how you will launch the business and evaluate the;business?s success of failures;E1. Overall Strategy-;Summarize your overall strategy for;successfully launching the business.;E2. Implementation-;Outline your target dates for;implementation along with your goals and objectives.;E3. Control Plan-;Develop a control plan;to be used to evaluate the success of the company in meeting milestones.;F. Financial Statements and;Projections;(3-5 pages) ?Develop projected financial;statements for the first year of business. You may use the Business Plan;Financials Template to prepare this section (see Appendix B) or you may create;your own template.;F1. Revenue and Cost Estimate-;This is the first;part of the profit and loss statement. You will estimate the revenue (sales);and expenses for the first 12 months of your business.;F2. Forecasted Profit and Loss Statement;(Month by month for 1st 12 months)?;Here you will consider the sales forecast, the operating expenses, and the;profits. Take the month-by-month revenue estimates of sales and expenses from;the revenue and cost estimate (F1) and include interest expense to obtain a;profit projection for your first year of operations. It will revealnet profit (obtained from subtracting;the interest expense from the profit before interest). The profit before;interest is calculated by subtracting total expenses from total revenue.;Salary expenses;Payroll expenses;General and administrative;Repairs and maintenance;Marketing and Advertising;Accounting and legal;Utilities;Insurance;Taxes (real estate, etc.);Selling Expenses;Other expenses (specify);Examples of expenses;may include;F3. Forecasted Balance Sheet-;This statement deals with cash and;income and also with assets, liabilities, and capital. The balance should;result in the debit and credit balances ending up equal.;G1. Financial Projections;(1-2 pages)- Summarize the financial;projections and the assumption used in estimating the projections in section F.;G1a- BreakevenPoint-;Include an estimate of income and expenses. It determines;whether or not your business will bring in enough money to meet its costs.;This method is used to determine the exact point at which;the business makes neither takes a loss nor makes a profit. It is calculated at;a point where sales have grown at a greater rate than costs and the two lines;cross.;G1b-Financial Position;Include the estimated financial;position of the company at the end of the first year and the estimated;capital/investment needs. Make sure to include any assumptions you used in;estimating this information.;G1c-Capital/Investment Needs;Estimate the capital and investment;needs for your company. Be sure to discuss any equity contributions your;company will need along with other start up costs required.;References;Doe, J. P. (2011, 10 10) Retrieved from Student;Template in APA for Business Plan:


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