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ACC 555 Week 6 Discussion




Question;Discussion;Week 6;Production and Operations;Management": From Case Study 10.3;analyze Klimpton?s strategy for being environmentally friendly. Determine how this strategy helps Klimpton;make supplier channel decisions and manage the waste from its hotel and;restaurant operations. From Case Study;10.2, describe Zappos? customer service area and analyze how customer service;is a strategic part of its business model."Empowerment and;Communication": From the e-Activity, create an advertisement for one of;the company?s products that focuses on one of the socially responsible or sustainability;initiatives you researched. Be sure your;advertisement is an example of positive external communication from the;company. Please see attach document. From Case Study 9.3, analyze how employee;empowerment has enabled its business model of being a boutique hotel.Determine how this empowerment enables;trust in the employees and then extends to how the employees provide service to;the hotel customers.


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