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ACC 501 Second Major Examination




Question;This is the final examination ACC501 Financial Accounting. This take-home exam is due on June 1st. It is strongly recommended for students to attempt to answer the questions her or himself prior to discussing with others. This exam may be worked on together as a group to submit one file for the entire group. Each members' name should be on the document and cc:ed if sent through e-mail. For the sake of saving trees.Compare and Contrast Weibo Corporation's (CIK 0001595761) and Twitter Incorporated (CIK 0001418091) latest registration for securities issuance, S-1/A for Twitter and F-1/A for Weibo. Complete the following blanks. We, [full names] recommend a [BUY/SHORT SELL/DO NOT BUY] of Weibo Corporation's initial public offering of no more than [estimated price lower limit] to [estimated price upper limit]. Due to [key highlights from the rest of the report], we believe [reasoning, qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis] Gross Margin (Net Sales - COGS / Net Sales)Operating Margin (EBIT / Net Sales)Efficiency Ratio (All Expenditures Except Interest / Net Sales)Return on Equity (Net Income / Average Book Value of Common Stock + Preferred Stock)Return on Assets (Net Income / Average Total Assets)Current Ratio (Current Assets / Current Liabilities)Cash Ratio (Cash and Marketable Securities / Current Liabilities)Operating Cash Flow Ratio (Operating Cash Flows / Total Debts)Average Receivables Conversion (365 * Accounts Receivable / Credit Sales)Average Payables Conversion (365 * Accounts Payable / Credit Purchases)Average Inventory Conversion (365 * Average Inventory / COGS)Cash Conversion Cycle (Inventory Conversion + Receivables Conversion - Payables Conversion)Earnings Per Share (Net Profit / Weighted Average Shares OutstandingSummarye.g. Twitter met/did not meet the market's expectations?


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