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Question;Final - Article and Business Evaluation**Pay attention to due date""Submit/upload the typed document in a Microsoft Word or Google Word Processing document.Submit the document to the canvas assignment area (this is it).Each question should have its own paragraph. Use complete sentences and be thorough. One or two general sentences will result in a loss of points for the question.Do NOT type your report in the text or comment area of the assignment area.Including just opinions without a basis of facts will lead to a zero (0) for the assignment.Directions below: To get the full points, you must follow the directions closely. Answers must be answered in detail, yet, clear and concise. Be careful of grammar and typographical errors.Find a publicly traded business that interests you. Search for a recent and intriguing article about the business You will need to do some research and answer in essay format. (DoNOT use Apple or Microsoft).Why you chose the article? 2 ptsDescribe in your own words what the article is about i.e. - What intrigued you the most about the article/company? 3 ptsWhat type of business is it? LLC, INC., etc. 5 ptsWhat is the history of the business? i.e. date started, 5 ptsDescribe how the company promotes its products and services. 5 ptsWhat is its biggest competition? 5 ptsHow does the company motivate employees? 5 ptsDoes it have a high turnover rate? Why or Why not? 5 ptsResearch the past 12 months stocks of the company. What was the year low and high on its stock? 5 ptsResearch and write what may have been occurring in our economy at the times that could have affected the fluctuating stock based on its year high and low. 5 ptsWhere do you think the company will be in 10 years from now? Do not base this simply by opinion. Facts must be used and cited 5 ptsUse and cite all resources using MLA format. Required (if references are not cited, the entire assignment will result in a 0 for the assignment) Submit the paper to the designated Canvas assignment area.


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