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Integrating Case 5-23 Problem




Question;Case 5-23;Net income 16000;Short term note 5000;Bonds interest rate 0.08;Cash balance 15000;Profit margin on sales 0.05;Return on assets 0.075;Gross profit margin 0.4;Inventory turnover ratio 6;Receivables turnover ratio 25;Acid test ratio 0.9;Current ratio2;Return on shareholders equity 0.1;Debt to equity ratio 0.33;Times interest earned 12;Integrating Case 5-23;Balance Sheet;Assets;Cash $ 15,000;Accounts receivable (net) (e);Inventory (d);Prepaid expenses and other current assets (i);Current assets (h);Property, plant, and equipment (net) (j);$ (b);Liabilities and;Shareholders? Equity;Accounts payable $ (g);Short-term notes 5,000;Current liabilities (f);Bonds payable (l);Shareholders? equity (k);$ (b);Income Statement;Sales (a);Cost of goods sold (c);Gross profit (c);Operating expenses (o);Interest expense (m);Tax expense (n);Net;income $


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