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MGMT 312 Module 9 Case Study




Question;Assume Polaris invested $2.12 million to expand its;manufacturing capacity.Assume that;these projects have a ten-year life and that management requires a 10% internal;rate of return on these assets.;What is the amount of annual cash flows that;Polaris must earn from these projects to have a 10% internal rate of;return? (Hint: Identify the ten-period;10% factor from the present value of an annuity table, and then divide $2.12;million by the factor to get the annual required cash flows.)Assess Polaris?s most recent annual financial;statements, from its website ( or the SEC?s website (;Determine the amount that Polaris invested in;capital assets for that year.;(Hint: Refer to the statement of;cash flows.)Assume a ten-year life and a 10% internal rate;of return. What is the amount of cash;flows that Polaris must earn on these new projects?


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