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You are required to complete a research paper on current developments




Question;You are required to complete a research paper on current developments in Internal Auditing, including standards and risk assessments programs and the evaluation of them. These are changes or proposed changes within past 3 years. They come from journal articles, the governments, The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), COSO, other nternational internal auditing associations. The minimum total number of good words is 3,000 words including cover page and references, no filler please.These include the subsets as follows:Your paper must discuss more than one of the following aspects of this topic: (1) COSO developments (2) ERM developments (3) IFAC, and or International Financial reporting standards regarding internal auditing standards (4) SEC and PCAOB standards (5) Sarbanes-Oxley Act standards, (6) Internal control over Financial Reporting.In additionRESEARCH PAPER WRITING HINTSThe grade you earn on your research paper will reflect the quality of your content as well as the quality of your writing. If I cannot understand what you are saying, your grade will suffer.Here are some things to keep in mind:1. Business writing must be concise. If you can say something in 5 words, do not use 10 words. Eliminate unnecessary words and phrases. This requires effort and re-writing! Allow plenty of time to revise your paper.2. Your paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.3. The paper must be well organized. Take time to think about the flow of your paper. Does one topic clearly lead to the next? What transitions do you need between topics? Do you cover the same topic in multiple places?4. Each paragraph should have one (and only one) topic. All sentences in one paragraph should be related to the topic.5. Re-read each sentence in your paper to make sure it clearly communicates a single thought.6. Avoid grammatical errors. Problems with subject and verb agreement are common. Other common errors include comma splices, sentence fragments, and run on sentences. Please refer to a good writing text (such as May and May) for guidance.7. Please refer to the APA Style Sample that is posted in Course Resources to ensure that you are following appropriate APA guidelines. This sample provides excellent guidance on citing sources. The sample also provides some help with ?writing mechanics?.8. Refer to a company or an organization (e.g., the IASB) by the pronoun it (not they). Only use they when referring to the managers of the company, etc.9. Make sure your reference is clear when using any pronoun.a. Faulty reference: Many people prefer to itemize deductions for their income tax to decrease their tax liability, but it is not always done.(To what does it refer? Itemizing? Decreasing the tax liability?)b. Revised: Many people prefer to itemize deductions for their income tax, but not everyone chooses to itemize.10. It=s is the contraction of it is B not the possessive form of it. Its is the possessive form.a. Faulty use: Ford Motor Company is downsizing it?s operations.b. Proper use: For Motor Company is downsizing its operations.


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