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I am trying to find the following (3) ratios: (1)...




I am trying to find the following (3) ratios: (1) Times Interest Earned Ratio which is (net inc + int exp + tax exp)/int exp. (2) Rec Turnover Ratio which is (net credit sales/avg net rec) "For the average use 2007 & 2006 data. (3) The assets Turnover ratio which is (net sales/avg total assets). I have attached spreadsheets for both Oracle and Microsoft. I need those 3 ratios for both companies. It is possible that they may not even have numbers because they are service companies. I have until Saturday at noon. If you can't get it, please give me whatever you have.,If both documents didn't come over, I can resend them,I sent the spreadsheets one more time. They have course hero blocked at work, so please send any questions directly to ""


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