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uop acc340 week 2-Learning Team Assignment:Accounting Cycle Description Paper




Question;Learning;Team Assignment:Accounting Cycle Description Paper;?;Click the;Virtual Organization link on the student website to access company information;on Riordan Manufacturing. Then, select one of the accounting cycles. This;selection is the basis of this and subsequent Learning Team assignments, so;obtain faculty approval for your selection.;?;Write a 1,050-;to 1,400-word paper addressing the following;o;Identify;the five accounting cycles and explain how this organization uses the;accounting cycle you have selected.;o;Comment;on the strengths and weaknesses of the internal controls related to this cycle.;o;Explain;how you would integrate this part of the accounting cycle into an;enterprise-wide accounting information system.;o;Differentiate;between the various types of information systems necessary to achieve this;integration.;o;Demonstrate;the flow of accounting information through this organization.;?;Format;your;paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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