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uop acc340 week 5 Learning Team Assignment:Integrated Accounting Cycle Final Report and Presentation




Question;Learning;Team Assignment:Integrated Accounting Cycle Final Report and;Presentation;?;Write a 1,400-;to 1,750-word final report on your selected step of the accounting cycle.;Include revised versions of your previous Learning Team assignments.;?;Describe how you;would apply the systems development life cycle to your proposed system. Include;an explanation of how the participants in the accounting function at your;organization will contribute to the development of the system requirements.;?;Analyze;how;your proposed changes will improve the measuring and controlling of operational;performance.;?;Create;an;8- to 10-slide Microsoft? PowerPoint? presentation with speaker notes;illustrating your Integrated Accounting Cycle Final Report.;?;Format;your;report and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


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