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uop acc455 Week 3 Problem Set




Question;Learning Team;Week Three Problem Set;Complete the problems found in Ch. 3;5 of Prentice Hall?s Federal Taxation;2010: Corporationswith your Learning Team.;C:3-3;Discussion Question ? Case Scenario on Tax Elections (Ch. 3);C:5-8;Discussion Question ? Identify Items as AMT Adjustment or Preference (Ch. 5);C:3-37;Problem ? Charitable Contributions of Property (Ch. 3);C:3-64;Tax Form /Return Preparation Problem ?;Knoxville Musical Sales Inc. Tax Return Preparation (Ch. 3);Read the scenario and respond to the questions.;Support your answers with calculations;as needed.;Show your work.;Submit your completed assignment as a Microsoft? Excel?, a Microsoft?;Word, or a PDF document.


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