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ACC-Culotti?s Pizza operates strictly on a carryout basis. Customers pick up their orders at




Question;Culotti?s Pizza operates strictly on a carryout basis. Customers pick up their orders at a counter where a clerk exchanges the pizza for cash. While at the counter, the customer can see other employees making the pizzas and the large ovens in which the pizzas are baked.InstructionsIdentify the six principles of internal control and give an example of each principle that you might observe when picking up your pizza. (Note: It may not be possible to observe all the principles.)ANDProblem Set B: P7-2BThe board of trustees of a local church is concerned about the internal accounting controls pertaining to the offering collections made at weekly services. They ask you to serve on a three-person audit team with the internal auditor of the university and a CPA who has just joined the church. At a meeting of the audit team and the board of trustees you learn the following.1. The church?s board of trustees has delegated responsibility for the financial management and audit of the financial records to the finance committee. This group prepares the annual budget and approves major disbursements but is not involved in collections or recordkeeping. No audit has been made in recent years because the same trusted employee has kept church records and served as financial secretary for 15 years. The church does not carry any fidelity insurance.2. The collection at the weekly service is taken by a team of ushers who volunteer to serve for 1 month. The ushers take the collection plates to a basement office at the rear of the church. They hand their plates to the head usher and return to the church service. After all plates have been turned in, the head usher counts the cash received. The head usher then places the cash in the church safe along with a notation of the amount counted. The head usher volunteers to serve for 3 months. 3. The next morning the financial secretary opens the safe and recounts the collection. The secretary withholds $150 ? $200 in cash, depending on the cash expenditures expected for the week, and deposits the remainder of the collections in the bank. To facilitate the deposit, church members who contribute by check are asked to make their checks payable to ?Cash.?4. Each month the financial secretary reconciles the bank statement and submits a copy of the reconciliation to the board of trustees. The reconciliation have rarely contained any bank errors and have never shown any errors per books.Instructions(a) Indicate the weaknesses in internal accounting control in the handling of collections.(b) List the improvements in internal control procedures that you plan to make at thenext meeting of the audit team for (1) the ushers, (2) the head usher, (3) the financialsecretary, and (4) the finance committee.(c) What church policies should be changed to improve internal control?I think this won't be too bad! After reading it all. So what I am thinking, Since there are 4 of us. We can each take a section, One person can do Exercise E7-2, and answer that one question, and the rest of us can take either A, B, or C from Problem Set B:P7-2B.---------------My part is:(a) Indicate the weaknesses in internal accounting control in the handling of collections


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