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uop acc340 week 4 individual assignments both and learning team assignment




Question;Individual Assignment:Assignments From the Readings? Write a response to the following assignment from the Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems text:o Chapter 13: Case Analyses 13?22 (Martin Shoes, Inc.)? Formatyour response consistent with APA guidelines. Individual Assignment:Database Definition Exercise Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Database Definitions Exercise located on the student website.Learning Team Assignment:Database Tables Exercise? Develop at least two tables, using the same step of the accounting cycle selected for your previous Learning Team assignments, that could be used in a database for your selected accounting cycle.? Use keys to demonstrate the relationships between your database tables.? Use fictitious data when entering information into the tables.? Note.A key is a unique identifier that distinguishes rows within a database table. To view examples, please refer to your text.


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