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This assignment is based on the Case study (10 pages), which I will upload when the assignment will be accepted. This case deals with the decision to structure an overseas operation and how this decision is affected by a number of variables, which among others, include the bank internal resources and experience, tax considerations, and most importantly the host country's banking laws. In 1997, Citibank was still at an early stage of its China entry strategy. It was one of the strongest banks operating in the People's Republic of China, but as a foreign bank it only had limited market access. It was licensed to provide corporate banking services to foreign invested companies and to operate branches in only 3 of the 24 Chinese cities open to foreign banks. in order to grow beyond these three cities and to expand from corporate banking to the large and potentially lucrative domestic retail business, Citibank needed licenses from the central bank. Citibank's goal is to be one of the first banks to get those licenses. ?Although this is not a question and answer exercise, the questions 1. What were the reasons for China to open banking to?foreign banks? 2. What are Citibank's competitive advantages in?foreign markets? 3. What is Citibank's worldwide strategy? 4. Describe Citibank's Global Relationship Banking?strategy. 5. Describe Citibank's Global Consumer Finance strategy. 6. What is Citibank's preferred legal structure when?operating in foreign countries, and what was the?opinion of the Bank's executives in China concerning?Citibank's possible acquisition of a local financial?institution? 7. Describe the evolution of Citibank's presence in China?after 1940. 8. What was Citibank allowed to do in China in 1997? 9. In December 23, 1996 the People's Republic of China?Central Bank (PBOC) granted Citibank permission to?do local business, but subject to certain?restrictions. What were those restrictions? 10. What is the government of China's concern with?credit cards? 11. Situate yourself in 1997 to answer this question: Is?any possibility that the Chinese government will?allow Citibank to issue credit cards in China? 12. How could Citibank's executives ensure that Citibank?will maintain its "first mover" advantage? 13. How could Citibank's executives ensure that Citibank?would be among the first foreign banks to enter the?domestic market? 14. If the PBOC were to decide to open China's retail?market to other foreign banks before granting?licenses to Citibank, how could Citibank establish its?dominant position in this market?,There is no page or word limit. The main point is to answer ALL the questions in a reasonable way,I will attach pictures of the actual case study page by page,I just sent the whole case study in a zip format. Did you get it?,Now?,Now?,Have you received it?,Do you have an email to which I can send it, because I tried to attach it through this systmem but it doesn't go through.,Thank you!,Thank you very much! But what about question number 10 and 11?,I am still waiting for answers for questions 10 and 11.,There is no material that we was provided. Everything was given is the case study.,I attached the same case study,I attached the same case study,look forward for the left answers as soon as possible,Thank you, but it's already too late as the deadline has already passed. Thank you for the rest of the answers


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