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Question;One of the most recent trends in public relations activities;by sport teams, leagues, players associations, and college athletics is;government relations. Government relations is another term for lobbying of;state and federal officials.;Question 2. Question;According to Neilsen/NetRatings, 78% of active home Web;users connected to the Internet via broadband.;Question 3. Question;Electronic ________________ sent via e-mail, as compared;with printed versions, are generally less costly, easier to produce, more;timely, and can include additional links to other Web-based information.;media guides;press releases;media notes;newsletters;Question 4. Question;An _________ is an interchange of information between two or;more parties that has a specific purpose or goal.;interview;electronic newsletter;integrated marketing communication;internal marketing communication;Question 5. Question;In 1888, German physicist Heinrich Hertz published the;results of an experiment proving that;radio waves could cook food, which lead to the;invention of the microwave oven.;radio waves could be generated, transmitted;and detected.;radio waves could be color coded.;all of the above.;Question 6. Question;The audio speaker was patented by Guglielmo Marconi in 1896?;Question 7. Question;One of the most overlooked forms of communication is;internal communications. Internal communications involve;the symbiosis of advertising, marketing, and public;relations.;Question 8. Question;A crisis team is a group of key individuals such as the;president, general manager/athletic director, director of communications;director of marketing, director of finance, and legal counsel who are;responsible for effectively managing a crisis.;Question 9. Question;Which term describes a typical rights arrangement?;Rights and production deal;Rights only agreement;Time buy;All describe a typical rights arrangement;Question 10. Question;The first commercial radio broadcast was;on January 1, 1900.;on November 11, 1918 announcing the end of;World War I.;on November 2, 1920.;none of the above.;Question 11. Question;In 1970, Monday Night Football debuted. It was a;revolutionary concept because it was the first sports broadcast to;have ex-players and broadcast journalists work;together on-air.;package sports as entertainment.;have three announcers in the broadcast booth.;both B and C.;Question 12. Question;Roone Arledge and Alvin ?Pete? Rozelle dominated the growth;of sport broadcasting in the 1960s and beyond.;Question 13. Question;The sports audience is on average;wealthier, better educated, and older than the;typical audience.;poorer, less educated, and younger than the;typical audience.;made up of 60-70% men.;both A and C.;Question 14. Question;What percent of time spent on-line by consumers accounts for;social media?;7%;10 %;12%;15%;Points Received: 1 of 1;Comments;Question 15. Question;The word ?Internet? derives from inter-network.;Question 16. Question;Broadcasters say that revenue sharing is advantageous to;them because;it frees them from financial burdens.;it forces teams and leagues to become active;partners with a vested interest in marketing and promoting the game.;it allows them to share the risk of the;venture.;all of the above.;Question 17. Question;Blogging Guidelines in 2010 were set by which sport;organization?;International Olympic Committee;FIFA;Major League Baseball;PGA;Question 18. Question;Effective employment of social media requires four important;steps, which include;strengths, weaknesses, opportunity, and;threats.;plan, organize, lead, and evaluate.;find, listen, engage, and lead.;inform, assess, alter, and implement.;Question 19. Question;Which NBA team led the way with podcasts?;Phoenix Suns;Miami Heat;New York Knicks;Indiana Pacers;Question 20. Question;A collection of links to other related blogs is a blogroll.


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