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charter oak acc102 week 2,3and 4 discussion




Question;Week 2 discussion;This week covers Chapter;16 of the text, getting to know the differences between Financial Accounting;and Managerial Accounting and what exactly Management Accounting is.;Please post at least 3 times per week, during 3 different days of;the week beginning no later than Wednesday to receive the most credit. Please;review the measurement criteria and grading rubric under Course Policies. Don't;be afraid to respond and build off of one another as well.;Week 3;This week we will be looking at two cost accounting systems, Job;Order Costing and Activity Based Costing (ABC) and how the overhead rate of;producing something is calculated using each method.;**Review the powerpoint presentation because it gives a step by;step procedure on how to calculate the overhead rate using ABC as well as job;order and is an excellent resource to get you through the chapter.;Week 4;This week we are adding one more cost system into the mix, process;costing. You should understand the differences between job order and process;costing, how to calculate equivalent units and how to track costs using a;process costing production report.;**When reviewing the powerpoint slides, I just want to point out;that there are notes associated with each slide that give a more detailed;explanation of each.;After reading the chapter, please discuss with one another when a;company would use process costing over job order costing. What factors should;be taken into account in deciding whether or not to use job order or process;costing in any given production situation?


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